Presales Engineering

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Design and Validation

Planning for a Infrastructure Upgrade? Organizations are always planning to implement newer collaboration, security and Network infrastructure to meet their evolving needs.

Our team of engineers helps you with complete design and validation while you maintaining your current buying relationships with your existing vendors. Depending on the size of the projects we are known to typically save organizations between 10 and 30% which can result into significant savings. 

Our Managed services Plan for Cisco Business Edition 6000 (BE 6000)

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Frequently Asked Questions

All sessions are guaranteed to get a response from a Qualified Engineer within 30 mins.

We use Cisco Webex, Zoom and few other enterprise platform for our meetings. When an engineer jumps on a call we typically expect the customer resource who has engaged us is aware of the application url’s , Admin username and Password, OS Admin Username and Password for a quick service delivery.

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