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Smart Interactive Voice Response

Manage the pre-call customer experience sensitively so that no customer voice is unheard. With a range of options available for the customers, CNS IVR opens up multiple avenues for customers to reach you, thus ensuring minimum drop offs.
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Seamless Voice Connectivity

Connect all the relevant stakeholders during the critical conversations. Whether internal or external, CNS solutions will allow agents to fully establish and control the voice sessions during the call.

Comprehensive Non-Voice Assistance

Be omnipresent throughout the different media. Our solutions allow wide variety of social media channels to be a part of your Contact Center’s ecosystem.

Intelligent Self Service Channels

CNS self service applications will allow your customers to experience all round companionship. These applications work round the clock enabling huge communication convenience to the customers. 

Automated Dialling Functionalities

Automated calling puts a huge impact on discipline and productivity. With integrated systems running behind the scenes, the supervisors do not need to engage in mechanical tasks. 

Omnichannel Task Manager

Breach the boundaries of channels to have a complete picture. The customers really appreciate the organizations acknowledging all the messages from all the media in a single operations queue.

Insightful Operational Analytics

Data, Information and Intelligence. Access all levels of insights pertaining to all centers of operations.

Responsive WorkForce Management

Employees are the real assets. CNS solutions assist the managers to optimally address business and the human resource requirements.

Gamified Performance Management System

Managing the performance related information and managing performance management are two different things. CNS gamification aim to involve the employees with the performance amangement drive.

Reliable Security and Compliance

Data security and Industry compliances are the most crucial objectives in today’s environment. CNS solutions are particulary designed to satisfy all the related norms.

Flexible System Integrations

Quality knowledge management and process automation requires an integrated environment. Our Contact Center Solution can interact and integrate with multiple applications, allowing your organization to better the information access.

Home Working Capabilities

Allow critical resources to save the transportation time. This can cause a significant impact in the productivity

Contact Center Services

Service Availability

The availability for the proposed solution is 99.5%. CNS will ensure the service availability.

High Adaptability and Customizability

Own the product. Develop it at your pace and will. The CNS solution is highly customizable and gives the development control in the hands of the customer.

Proactive Monitoring and Planned Maintenance

CNS provides robust infrastructure to monitor and manage the maintenance. With automated triggers and alert, CNS solutions keep clients well informed and prepared for all the events

Sensible Consultancy

Every Contact Center is different. Hence, the decision making requires a deep analysis to make a prudent desicion. CNS Consulting will assist the clients in making the informed desicions at every step.

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