About Us

We are a reliable partner for your infrastructure and application services

Who Are we?

CNS is a unique consulting firm in the ICT / System integration space offering instant bookings on a very short notice (approx 30 mins to 2 hours) with highly skilled resources. We are well known among our peers for Infrastructure Professional Services delivery and only of its kind platform which provides rapid service bookings. You can go from landing on our site, being our customer and working with our engineer within 30 mins. Engage an expert on our team and instantly. Our response and resolutions time is better than most of your average managed services contracts.

A fully equiped Lab in Downtown Toronto

Working on a critical project? Arrange a call to understand our capabilities and how we can help.

Businesses Love Our Services

We provide very unique services which most of the resellers and even service providers are not able to provide giving you a huge advantage..